Sunday, September 26, 2010

We Got Gauge - Sensational Shirttail

WE GOT GAUGE!!! Carole and I met at the Web this past Friday evening to start our Sensational Shirttail sweater. Carole is using her Lantern Moon ebony needles and I am using bamboo needles. The instructions call for gauge to be done in stockinette which we did but we also tried the different stitches in our chosen yarns. It is amazing how the stitches pop in Carole’s chosen yarn, Kathmandu. The stitches are showing quite nicely in the Gatsby.

Carole got gauge, ripped it out and casted on the back. She was so excited to start that she ripped her gauge swatch out before I could take a picture. Once she got through the foundation rows she started to knit easily through the pattern. She is using stitch markers to mark the beginning and end of the moss stitch, the cable, a slip stitch and the stockinette.

I started the cuffs of the sleeves in the Lamb’s Pride Bulky and they are stunning. I’ve already started changing the pattern. Once the cuffs are knitted you are supposed to pick up stitches on the right side and knit the sleeve. I am picking up the stitches on the wrong side because I want the cuffs to be seen. If you look at Mary’s sweater and the picture the cuffs are rolled up and you are seeing the wrong side. The right side is just too beautiful not to seen.

I must say that this is the first time that I’ve knitted with wool in a few months – it was just too hot this summer. My hands were singing.

Again, you are welcome to join us in our Sensational Shirttail adventure, but you're welcome to bring whatever you're knitting and join us for an evening of knitting and conversation. Hope to see you on Friday, October 15 at 5pm!! Please call the store at 215-242-1271 if you have any questions!

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