Friday, August 24, 2012

Class Samples! Sparkly Cable Bracelet

Every six months or so, I have the distinct pleasure of coming up with the next round of classes. Sometimes I pick projects that I've worked on recently; sometimes it's a popular project on Ravelry that people have asked for; and sometimes I pick the class because a beautiful yarn comes into the store that I fall in love with.

That was the case with the Sparkly Cable Bracelet class, which will be on Saturday, September 16 from 9am-12pm.  Full disclosure: I am a complete SUCKER for sparkly. Whenever a sparkly yarn comes in to the store, I swoon. That was the case with Katia Gatsby, which first came in last year.

I wanted to make a project out of Gatsby and I also wanted a kickoff for our Jewelry Box Series, which is running all through the fall. I looked at Ravelry (the best source for inspiration!) and found a pattern which was perfect.

Here's the Sparkly Cable Bracelet:
I'm more sparkly in person!

One big cable knit in a soft sparkling yarn. Easy and great looking. We have Gatsby in tons of colors and beautiful neutrals as well. One ball makes multiple bracelets - perfect for teens, teacher gifts, or a nice gift for yourself!

Call the store at 215-242-1271 to sign up.