Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Home at last

We’re in!

I know that the Tangled Web reopened in its new location more than a month ago. But it seems to me that it’s only been this week that we can say, we’re really in our new home.

Moving is a pain -- we all know this. But I’ve never been involved in moving a commercial enterprise. You might think that yarn doesn’t weigh much. Try crating up thousands of skeins and you’ll change your mind. And don’t get me started on taking down shelves and putting them up again.

If you’ve visited us in our new location shortly after we opened in June you might have been greeted by a a crew looking like they had a bad case of battle fatigue. That would be right. Our new computer system -- which is fabulous -- took a little getting used to. Creating labels with scannable bar codes was more than a notion. I felt I knew the old store like the back of my hand; in the early days I was hard pressed to find a pen, scissors or even yarn. For the first few weeks we shop girls would look at each other with suppressed panic. Could we get the computer to work? Where are the Ann Norling patterns? These needles don’t have the new labels? YIKES!

And when I got home I would head straight for the shower where I would stand for 20 minutes with hot water beating against my neck and shoulders. I would collapse in my knitting chair with no emotion for the yarn sitting on needles. Who could look at yarn when you've unboxed, sorted, labeled and shelved endless balls of Eros?

But I've recovered, thank you so much. You have to admit that the new space is beautiful! The bamboo floors give a zen feeling to the store. There’s plenty of space for shoppers and customers with questions. The computer system has eliminated a lot of paper and receipt writing. And with all the shelving done, patterns sorted and needles nestled in new homes, we’re back to doing what we do best --providing great yarns with lots of service to make projects spectacular. This week it really seemed like we are back to business as usual. I've located the scissors, the pens; we have a permanent yarn-winding station; everything is labeled down to the Kookaburra soap and the smallest button.

We have worked really hard -- especially owner Mary Spratt and manager Anne Fry -- to make the Web’s new home something special. When the second floor is opened for classes and comfy knitting lounge I know 7709 Germantown Avenue will become a destination spot for needlesmiths across the area.

Come see for yourself. We’re easy to find, look for the cool sign outside the front door.

We’ll save a seat for you.

Lucia Herndon

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Talk about a project that knocked our collective socks off! Look at what the lovely and radiant Cortez whipped up:

This gorgeous skirt is from a recent Vogue Knitting magazine. The black yarn is Lamb's Pride Worsted and the colors are Capella. Cortez wins the Giant Golden Needle Award for dedication, stick-to-it-iveness and STYLE!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just a quick note - we'll be closed this Friday so we (and you) can barbecue and relax. We'll be back open on Saturday.

So no Knit Night this week, but we'll back on next Friday!!!