Friday, March 27, 2009

I've got a bunch of amazing customer projects to knock your socks off, but I'm going to parcel them out so you don't get too blown away.

Today's amazing customer project is, believe it or not, Abraham Lincoln, courtesy of customer Beth:This is from Knitted Icons by Carol Meldrum. We loved this little guy. Great job, Beth!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Get Your Needles In Order

Next up in our series of posts about Getting Organized (or "Super-Fine in '09!!!") is Needle Organization. About 5 years ago, I wanted to start a sweater that called for a 24" size 7 circular needles. I looked high and low and could not find any (why? this is the most common size, you'd think!), so I came in to the store and bought a pair. I went home and, bothered by the fact that I knew I had 24" size 7 circular needles somewhere in the house, I decided to Get Organized.

Two days and eight pairs of 24" size 7 needles unearthed from everywhere around the house later, I was organized. For me, as it so often does, organizing took me to the office supply store. I bought a zip-up binder: page protectors, and "Hi, My Name Is" stickers.
I have a needle sizer in the front pocket of the binder for when I need to put needles back. I don't own any straight needles or double-points, so this binder holds every needle I own. And this system has worked well for me.

Here are some other ideas from Tangled Web folks. Mary keeps her circular needles in pockets specifically designed for circular needle storage (on sale at Tangled Web, folks!):Stacey loves her Circular Solution:She also keeps her straight needles in a vase, which doubles as storage AND home decoration!

Annie has also gone the office supply route, keeping her circulars in a pretty pocket file:

Hope this gives you some ideas if you are hopelessly entangled in your needles! And please share your ideas with us in the Comments section if you have some ideas we didn't cover. Let's all Get Organized so we can enjoy our knitting time to the fullest!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Beautiful Bird's Nest Scarf

Annie, the genius of color and texture, has struck again! Inspired by our recent shipment of Malabrigo and a scarf she whipped up during the holidays, she has put together beautiful combinations of yarn to make the Bird's Nest Scarf. Here's her finished scarf (which is way more spectacular in person:
Here's a row of gorgeous "bird's nests" that Annie has assembled:
Check out the individual "nests" !!
Not only do these nests make spectacular scarves, but they're 10% off too!! Stop by the store and check out the beauty.