Saturday, December 22, 2007

I usually post pictures of fabulous projects that our wonderful customers have finished, but today I cannot resist posting a picture of a project that I just finished for my son.

This is "Theodore Bear", knit out of Berroco Peruvia (one of my new most favorite yarns of all time) and felted. I used Fiber Trends' Marigold Bears pattern, which was great - the bear is knit all in one piece, so no crazy sewing of ears and arms and legs. And of course, a holiday bear needs a holiday sweater, so I made up a pattern in my head and knit a little snowflake sweater out of the beautiful red Peruvia.

I highly recommend this pattern and the dreamy yarn. I love this bear so much now it will be hard to give him up to my son!!

Happy Holidays to you all! We can't wait to see what you all come up with in the new year!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Best Resolution Yet

Happy Holidays to all you in blog land. My end of the year blog is a little late as I try to finish up my Christmas knitting. Somehow all my great plans in September seem like too much in the bleak midwinter of December.
Socks, scarves, sweaters. In the golden autumn visions danced in my head like sugar plums in that old Christmas poem.
You know I never really liked sugar plums.
This is also the time when I take stock of my knitting projects of 2007. At the beginning of the year I make a list of the things I want to create. At the end of the year I find few of the things on my list were actually accomplished -- let’s face it, they never got on the needles.
Still, I did make a mohair cardigan for myself. I don’t even like mohair. But it looks really great when paired with my stylish black pants, black boots and crisp white, button down shirt. When I add a strand of pearls I look quite fashionable. But I digress.
I did manage to make my husband’s annual birthday sweater. I taught several knitting classes and led workshops on beaded, knitted Christmas ornaments for my knitting guild.
Truthfully, I don’t have a lot to show for this year. Which has led me to a new resolution for 2008.
Don’t make a list of things I want to make; then come December there will be nothing to haunt me. I will make the things that really matter and admire all the other things that strike my fancy but nothing more.
Still, there are my son’s socks that need finishing in time for Christmas. And I have to get the box for my Iowa family together -- including my mom’s scarf and my niece’s hooded cardigan -- yes, I did manage to finish those.
So with one sock yet to go, I’ll settle into my comfy knitting chair with my birch double points. I know I’ll eventually finish so I won’t stress myself with my pace.
I wish you all a happy holiday, a cozy chair, plenty of knitting time and lots of loved ones to knit for -- at your own speed.


Monday, December 10, 2007

More Mohair Mittens

Here are the mittens thay I made for my girls. Lauren is my pink princess girl. Liv is a little more sophisticated. I photographed them on the little bit of snow that we had last Thursday. It really made it feel like Christmas. Anyway, keep this to yourself cause these mittens are going in their stockings.

See you at the shop.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mary's Favorite Gift to Give

My friend, Laura, knit these mittens for me about 14 years ago give or take a few years. I Love These Mittens. I've only left them behind once and my husband and I combed the entire lobby of a hotel until we found them. And we did find them. I've made many pairs of mohair mittens since then for friends, family, and teachers and last year I made these red mittens for my friend, Laura.

Lucia's Finished Birthday Gift for Hal

Here's the final product. Well done Lucia.
Happy Birthday Hal!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Here is one happy customer! This is Cindy R, who just finished the Learn to Crochet class, with a blanket she whipped up with her newly-learned skills. Gorgeous blanket, gorgeous smile!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Birthday Tradition Continues

It’s November and my knitting project of several months -- almost a year actually -- is just about complete. For the 10th year I have completed a sweater for my husband’s birthday.

This sweater project began shortly after I took up knitting after nearly 20 years away from it. My early days as a knitter -- in the late 60s and early 70s -- were nothing to write home about. Nothing much fit and I was a little haphazard about my projects. I didn’t feel like I was giving up much when I put down my needles shortly after I got married in 1973.

But the yarns had gotten so spectacular in the meantime that when I returned in 1995, I was inspired to do better. What better project than to make a sweater for my husband, Hal. Afterall, I could legitimately knit for him -- I had his ring. Hell, I had his two kids!

I decided to make an Aran sweater out of traditional cream-colored wool. I loved cables and wanted to cover the sweater in them. No one could tell me to try something simple. I was determined to put in cables that had some significance for him -- like the banjo cable (because he plays the banjo) and sand stitch (because he loves the beach) and the sweetheart cable (because I love him). Unfortunately, all these cables happened on different rows, so my pattern repeat turned out to be once every 46 rows or something ridiculous like that. But I persevered and finished it in time to take it with me on vacation to Florida to show his mother. It was a surprise for Hal and I knew his mom would not be in Philadelphia in the winter to see it.

So imagine my dismay when on our return flight, our baggage got lost. My treasured gift was somewhere between Tampa and here. I was a basket case.

Eventually, it turned up and I put it away for November. When I finally gave it to him, my husband thought I had purchased a sweater. Only when he read the attached card explaining the cables, did he realize what I had done. A man who keeps his emotions to himself, he kissed me and immediately put the sweater on. I was flabbergasted.

So every year, I have made a sweater. Sometimes it takes months to decide onthe project. Sometimes more than one sweater a year. I’ve done cable, fair isle, vests, cardigans, pullovers. Some have been difficult and taxing, some easy, no-brainers.

The best thing is that Hal always wears my creations. I think there have been years that he wasn’t floored by his gifts, but he always wears them; better yet, he even tells his co-workers when he’s wearing a sweater I made.

This year’s creation is a pullover, V-neck, cable vest made from a tweed yarn. It’s finished now and awaiting Nov. 18 -- Hal’s birthday.

And I’m waiting for my kiss.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Children's Knitting Hour

Three happy little girls sporting their newly finished creations. Lydia (far left) just finished a headband for little sister Julie and Isabella will stay warm in her newly finished hat.

Childrens Knitting Hour from 4:00p.m. to 5:00p.m. on Thursday afternoon.
Ages 6 through 12 are welcome and no registration is required. Each session is $10.00 and can be paid for at the start of the session. Contact us at 215-242-1271 for more information.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Scenes From A Knit-Along

Last Wednesday we had the second session of our Felted Clogs Knit-Along. This was one of least rowdy knit-alongs we've had, mostly because people were concentrating so hard on all those short rows. Can you feel the intensity?

But there was much happiness as well! Here are Abby and Barb, proudly displaying their finished clogs:

Next Knit-Along - Log Cabin Blankets! Wednesday, November 21 from 6-9pm (take a break from holiday madness!) Come join the fun!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Feast Your Eyes

Hand dyed sock yarn has arrived. Lorna's and Claudia's sock and lace weight yarns have just arrived. We also received our hand dyed fleece and lace weight silk. Now's the time to stock up for holiday knitting. Get busy. See you soon.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

One of the great pleasures of working at the Tangled Web is seeing customers bring in their finished projects. It's always wonderful to see what people are working on, but once in a while someone brings something in that knocks our socks off.

Here is Wendy, with her completed jacket from Knitting in America, knit in Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride Worsted.

Isn't that insanely beautiful?? Whoa, good job, Wendy!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

All you need. Kid Silk Haze and Eros. What a dreamy combination. Thank you Anne for coming up with this gem.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

"Must Have" Project of the Month

Have I told you that we are absolutely "gaga" about this little, quickie project? Knit with one strand of Kid Silk Haze and one strand of Eros, this tiny top takes only an evening or two to make. Anne wears her version to work over a camisole or tee. I think it would look great for evening over a cocktail dress. No matter when you wear it you are sure to catch everyone's eye and rack up lots of compliments. All the samples shown here were knit by Sandy D. who is now knitting up her third. Thanks Sandy!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Latest Golden Needle Award!

Shown here are customers Maureen (who had just finished a gorgeous baby blanket) and Donna (who just finished practically her one millionth baby item) proud recipients of the latest Tangled Web Golden Needle Award for Outstanding Achievement in Needle-Wielding!

Come on in and share your finished projects with us (no one appreciates it better than knitters!) and you too can win the coveted Golden Needle Award!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Day of Connections

From Lucia Herndon

In my 1 1/2 years as part of the Tangled Web staff I’ve seen a lot of people with their knitting and crochet problems and some creative fixes.

I’ve seen newbie knitters gain confidence in their skills as they gained experience. I’ve seen experienced knitters find new joy in the simplest of patterns. Most often I’ve seen the love of a project-- or the recipient of it -- make a project come alive.

On a recent Saturday -- a day that brought a vast variety of knitters into the store with a variety of issues -- I witnessed a couple of moving moments.

A knitter came in with a piece of lace she was working on. A self-proclaimed new knitter I was impressed with her adventurous spirit.

But she was stuck. the pattern was no longer making sense to her. The pattern of eyelets no longer lined up. The increases had gone awry.

I consider myself an experience knitter, but the pattern left me confused. Thankfully, there was a young woman in the shop who is an accomplished lace knitter. Being young, she flipped out her blackberry and looked for pattern corrections on line. Nothing. My newbie lace knitter was losing patience. In frustration she began pulling out her work. Stitch by stitch, row by row, the eyelets disappeared while the woman muttered “never again, never again.”

Jen, the young lace knitter, wouldn’t let her quit. “I’ll chart out the pattern,” she said. “I’ll email it to you.”

The knitter looked at her incredulously. “You’d do that?” she asked. “For me?”

Jen assured her that she would and took her email address. You could see the tension ease out of the woman’s body. She continued unwinding her lace work, but without the ferocity and frustration of before.
Later that afternoon a regular came in. she used the Web as a place to de-stress after work. In comes a young girl. She had made an afghan for her mom and now wanted to make one for her dad. How much yarn would she need?
I gave her an estimate of yardage and suggested a yarn. She began counting her money -- funds she earned babysitting. My de-stressing customer wasted little time reaching into her own wallet. Out came her frequent buyer card with nine of the 10 squares tagged -- ready for 20 percent off the next purchase.
“Use this,” she said, “for your dad’s afghan.”
The young girl’s face brightened. “Thank you,” she said. She made her purchase and left. The day continued as usual and before long, I was locking the door and heading out into the late summer sun.
I went home that day feeling marvelous. I got to see the generosity of knitters: taking their time and expertise and sharing with others. The work of an older knitter was uplifted by a younger knitter. The newbie lace knitter went from frustrated and ready to give up knitting altogether to a woman with renewed interest and energy for the project. The effort of a teen knitter was validated by an older knitter. She was encouraged to make a really cool gift for her father. All this done by people who had never met each other before.
But at the back-of-the-shop table connections were made that were true and strong and real.
It was a great day.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Harry Potter Day in Chestnut Hill

Saturday, July 21st, 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

In honor of the release of the seventh and final Harry Potter book, Chestnut Hill will be hosting a giant celebration on Germantown Avenue.

We are doing our part at The Tangled Web by offering 10% off the Harry Potter inspired knitting pattern book "Charmed Knits:Projects For Fans of Harry Potter". We will also have Harry Potter scarf kits available in Gryffindor's gold and burgundy.

Call the shop at 215-242-1271 to reserve a copy of "Charmed Knits" and find out about all the days events at

Harry Potter Scarf Kits

Thursday, June 28, 2007

GoKnit Pouches Are Back!

Our GoKnit Pouches have finally arrived. We have them in medium and small sizes in lots of bright colors. Perfect for those small summer projects. Run in and pick up yours today.

Check out all the cool summer projects below that we are carrying in our GoKnit Pouches.

Knitting by the Pool

Here's a light weight quickie that Annie is working on using Kidsilk Haze and Eros.

Fast and easy scarves make great gifts. Choose from one of our kits or mix and match on your own.

Socks. Always a summer favorite and fits very neatly into a GoKnit Pouch.

Take home a free tote bag when you purchase a Cottonlicious Kit.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Easy Lace Shawl

Thanks to Donna Mc. for this great idea. We knit this lacey shawl in a traditional feather and fan pattern using a sock yarn with just a bit of bling. All you need is a size 10 circular needle and two 100gr. skeins of sock or fingering weight yarn.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blue Sky Cotton Colors

If you want to knit your own '"Lacey Cardigan" here is our current color selection. Yum.

Sharon (The Happy Knitter) and her daughter Stephanie.

And then there were two.

Ok. Did I say that Sharon was going to have to knit a second "Lacey Cardigan" for herself? Well, as if by magic the second one has appeared and in record time. Bravo Sharon!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Perfect Summer Cardigan

This little number is quickly becoming a Tangled Web favorite. So much so we have deemed it our "June Project of the Month". "The Eyelet Cardigan" by Blue Sky Aplaca is the perfect summer cardigan. One of our favorite people, Sharon R., knit this one modeled by her daughter Stephanie. I get the feeling that Sharon will be knitting another for herself since it appears Stephanie has grown pretty fond of this one. This project takes 6 skeins, and we have lots of colors in stock.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Cat's Meow

How cute are these little pocket sweaters? Part of a recent trunk show from Plymouth Yarn Co. these adorable sweaters take home the top prize of "Best in Show".

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Summer Knitting Bags!

Ahhh, summer vacation. The surf, the sand, the knitting. I can never decide which projects to take with me on vacation. Which unfortunately means that I usually pack everything that I've been working on all year. That's probably why I decided to bring in these great knitting bags. The prints just remind me of summer. I use mine as an overnight bag and have, on occasion, taken it to the beach but its best use by far is hauling my knitting projects. The larger size has two roomy zipper compartments to hold all my extras and the bright, colorful design guarantees that there will be no confusing mommy's knitting bag with any other bag. All the available designs are pictured here so stop in, check them out and start packing.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Lacey Poncho Knit Along

Our last knit along session for the season was held on Wednesday April 18. Everyone was busily working on the finishing touches of their "Easy Lace Poncho" another fabulous pattern by Knitting Pure & Simple. It's always so wonderful to see the same project knit in so many different yarns. Variety is definately the spice of life. These photos are of Karen B.'s finished poncho. She knit hers out of Berroco's Glace and it is stunning. It is so drapy and is the perfect weight for spring and summer. We are hoping to get more pictures of other Lacey Poncho's as they are completed. We'll keep you posted.

Do you have a great idea for a knit along? Pass them along and if your idea is chosen you will win a Tangled Web gift certificate.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Have A Ball Beaded Necklace

Let me catch you up on what's been going on at the shop. Last Saturday, Betsy Hershberg taught a beaded necklace workshop that was fabulous. Her pattern is featured in the Spring issue of Knitter's magazine. We have lots of copies in stock so come on in and pick one up for yourself. One of her students, Dale Parenti, sent me this photo of her finished piece. She said that it was an easy technique and only took her a few hours to complete. You can check out more of Betsy's creative designs on her website at Her next Tangled Web workshop is scheduled for Saturday, May 5, 2007. You can contact the shop for more details.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Jo Sharp Summer Shrug

While working on the Captiva Tee the new Jo Sharp book arrived. As usual, it was beautiful and inspiring. I decided to knit a matching shrug to go with my tee. Working in Jo Sharp's kid mohair this project was quick and oh so easy. It is the perfect weight for summer and, like the tee, it is flattering on any figure type.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

What's Hot at The Web

I just finished knitting this great tee. It is knit in one piece and I love, love, love the neckline. I've already started my second one working with Classic Elite's Fame and will post pictures of my progress.