Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Best Resolution Yet

Happy Holidays to all you in blog land. My end of the year blog is a little late as I try to finish up my Christmas knitting. Somehow all my great plans in September seem like too much in the bleak midwinter of December.
Socks, scarves, sweaters. In the golden autumn visions danced in my head like sugar plums in that old Christmas poem.
You know I never really liked sugar plums.
This is also the time when I take stock of my knitting projects of 2007. At the beginning of the year I make a list of the things I want to create. At the end of the year I find few of the things on my list were actually accomplished -- let’s face it, they never got on the needles.
Still, I did make a mohair cardigan for myself. I don’t even like mohair. But it looks really great when paired with my stylish black pants, black boots and crisp white, button down shirt. When I add a strand of pearls I look quite fashionable. But I digress.
I did manage to make my husband’s annual birthday sweater. I taught several knitting classes and led workshops on beaded, knitted Christmas ornaments for my knitting guild.
Truthfully, I don’t have a lot to show for this year. Which has led me to a new resolution for 2008.
Don’t make a list of things I want to make; then come December there will be nothing to haunt me. I will make the things that really matter and admire all the other things that strike my fancy but nothing more.
Still, there are my son’s socks that need finishing in time for Christmas. And I have to get the box for my Iowa family together -- including my mom’s scarf and my niece’s hooded cardigan -- yes, I did manage to finish those.
So with one sock yet to go, I’ll settle into my comfy knitting chair with my birch double points. I know I’ll eventually finish so I won’t stress myself with my pace.
I wish you all a happy holiday, a cozy chair, plenty of knitting time and lots of loved ones to knit for -- at your own speed.


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