Friday, March 13, 2009

Get Your Needles In Order

Next up in our series of posts about Getting Organized (or "Super-Fine in '09!!!") is Needle Organization. About 5 years ago, I wanted to start a sweater that called for a 24" size 7 circular needles. I looked high and low and could not find any (why? this is the most common size, you'd think!), so I came in to the store and bought a pair. I went home and, bothered by the fact that I knew I had 24" size 7 circular needles somewhere in the house, I decided to Get Organized.

Two days and eight pairs of 24" size 7 needles unearthed from everywhere around the house later, I was organized. For me, as it so often does, organizing took me to the office supply store. I bought a zip-up binder: page protectors, and "Hi, My Name Is" stickers.
I have a needle sizer in the front pocket of the binder for when I need to put needles back. I don't own any straight needles or double-points, so this binder holds every needle I own. And this system has worked well for me.

Here are some other ideas from Tangled Web folks. Mary keeps her circular needles in pockets specifically designed for circular needle storage (on sale at Tangled Web, folks!):Stacey loves her Circular Solution:She also keeps her straight needles in a vase, which doubles as storage AND home decoration!

Annie has also gone the office supply route, keeping her circulars in a pretty pocket file:

Hope this gives you some ideas if you are hopelessly entangled in your needles! And please share your ideas with us in the Comments section if you have some ideas we didn't cover. Let's all Get Organized so we can enjoy our knitting time to the fullest!!


JamarP said...

You guys (gals) are all showoffs. Each organizational idea was better than the last. Now, I suppose I have to revisit my own methods. I especiallly like the idea of not owning any double points or straight needles...less to keep track of.

Susanne said...

Of course I read this AFTER I just bought something that I thought would be a good needle organizer. I think it works for now - a small 3-drawer plastic chest of drawers. It's not so great for circs which take up a lot of room, so I've got my eye on a zip-up binder for the overflow. I still love working with straights and DPN's, so the drawers are great for that. This organization series is awesome! Hopefully, these tips will keep me from ending up with multiples of the same size needle!

Martha said...

While I am late to this post (computer on the fritz for a while - it's back now!), it is timely!

How do you all manage to do this?

I recently rec'd a bunch of needles, straights & circs, & decided to re-organize & then give away - i.e. I'll figure out what I have & need & give the extras to a work colleague & what she does not want will go to the Knitter's Review Retreat Swap Tables.

Two things about my organization: (1) I have a bunch of seriously small rubber bands that I will use to hold my straight needles together before they are placed in a vase. That will keep them more organized. (2) I will share what I don't need & help out someone who knits beautifully & often & does not currently have the dough to purchase more needles.

Thanks for a wonderful blog - you all are the best.


Martha said...

P.S. Forgot to say this: I try to keep my circs w/ or in the original package - it's a quick review for me of what I have.