Monday, September 20, 2010

Sensational Shirttail Sweater

There is a sweater that has been around for quite awhile now and is still turning our heads. For Carole it began when her Fall 1999 copy of Knitter’s arrived. For me it started when Mary, our beloved leader at The Tangled Web, walked in wearing it. You may ask what sweater are we talking about? Well, it’s the Sensational Shirttail, a cardigan knitted in cables, moss stitch and some calming stockinette stitch – what more for could a girl ask for. It is one of those classic “keeper” sweaters to wear again and again.

The pattern calls for a chunky yarn and 10 ½ needles so it will knit up quickly. Mary used Donegal Tweed in brown. She looks fabulous in it and we covet it. So after much discussion over a couple of years Carole and I have decided to give each other some incentive by knitting it together and blogging about it. Nothing like a little pressure. I know both of us would like to wear it this winter and we can use all the help we can get.

Carole considered using Cascade 128 Tweed from her stash but fell in love with the Kathmandu in a cilantro green. It is one of her all time favorite colors and makes her green eyes pop. I will be using a dark blue in Gatsby (that reminds me of Vincent van Gogh’s Starry, Starry Night and Beethoven’s Fur Elise) and Lamb’s Pride Bulky.

Because I don’t have enough of the Gatsby, which has been discontinued, I will be doing the cuffs, the crocheted edging and the button band in the Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Flannel. Much to my delight the two yarns match perfectly and will work nicely together. I will do my sleeves first because I can live with a shorter version of the body but cannot live with sleeves that are to short.

So here we go!! Stop back soon for more info.


Elizabeth D said...

Whew! I knew I'd never lay hands on my 1999 Knitter's, so was glad to see it's available in a book! And 50 projects on Ravelry to drool over for those of us who haven't seen Mary on a day when she's wearing hers. I did NOT need another pattern to think about!!

Karen said...

I'll be in this weekend to take a look.....

Anonymous said...

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