Thursday, September 30, 2010

My First Needlepoint

A little over a year ago needlepoint arrived at The Tangled Web and began to pique my interest. Then in the fall, the Barbara Russell trunk show arrived and made my head spin. There were a few canvasses that interested me but I just could not commit. Then one Saturday I arrived and the canvasses had been rearranged and the most spectacular “spider” had made its way to the top of the pile and grabbed my attention – I was hooked. It turns out that my “spider” is an Andes Orchid. The flower is done in Pearl Cotton and the background is in Paternayan wool. A year later, the flower is done but I am still working on the background and it is going slowly.

I have to give thanks to Cameron, our needlepoint guru, for her help and encouragement. I am not sure that I would be as far along as I am without her. She taught me the basics, explained the differences between continental and basket weave and helped me pick out a stitch for the background. Cameron is such an inspiration that I try to show up at the store when she is there to work on my canvasses. Typically you can find her there Tuesday and Thursday.

Cameron’s mother taught her when she was in the sixth grade and she completed her first project in the eighth grade. Though she did not stitch much during high school and college she never forgot it. She finds that needlepoint is a good medium for her while visiting with her and her husband’s extended families. She is able to stitch and visit at the same time. For her, she can pick up and put down her needlepoint without losing her place.

So, now I have three canvasses that I need to finish before I start something new. The Andes orchid is going to take some time. The other two are quite small. The first one is a small Christmas stocking ornament and should take maybe a couple of evenings – it is only about 2” high. The second one is a small flower that will eventually be a coaster that measures about 4” square and should not take very long to do. In the mean time a new trunk show is arriving and will start this Saturday. What am I to do?

The trunk show that is opening this Saturday is from “dede Designs” and I am looking forward to seeing all the new canvasses. I hope to see you at the trunk show or one of the many others that are scheduled for this year. Happy Stitching!

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