Friday, February 4, 2011

Stash Buster Update

Ok, I'm jealous. Susan came in yesterday wearing her Stash Busting Sweater that we started at the January Knit Along a couple of weeks ago. She loves it!!! Her choice of colors and textures is fabulous and a little added length makes it perfect for this wintry weather. She even stuck in a little 'fair isle' technique every now and again to make it interesting. Way to go Susan.

Danielle is not far behind with this jewel toned version that she'll, no doubt, be wearing before the next meeting of the Knit Along on February 16. She already has plans for a second sweater to use up more of her stash.

I'm not much further than I was a week and a half ago but I have to admit that I was a wee bit distracted by other projects. I stopped to knit a cozy pair of mohair mittens for Anne's birthday and then I was inspired to knit her a matching hat. What I need to do is focus. You would think with all these snow days that I would be further along. Too busy shoveling and baking cupcakes with my Lauren. Well, I am going to put on my blinders, hunker down and attempt to finish the body of this sweater before our next meeting. You heard it here. See you on the 16th.

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debbieb0925 said...

Beautiful! I'm jealous - I should have done one! Now that's my next project.