Monday, February 14, 2011

Spend the day with Elsebeth Lavold

Elsebeth Lavold will be in Philadelphia next month to set up and open her exhibition "Knitting Along the Viking Trail" (see

It will be shown at the American Swedish Historical Museum ( from March 20th through July 3rd.

Elsebeth has graciously agreed to come and teach a class for us on Wednesday, March 23. It is an all day event (11:00 - 4:00) and there are limited spots available. Anyone who is interested should contact the shop as soon as possible to register for the class.

Here's what you can expect. Hope to see you there.

Lecture - Viking Knits and the History of Knitting
Elsebeth Lavold can talk for hours about practically any knitting related subject, and gladly does her best to answer any questions her audience might have. Her, to date, most elaborate speech is Viking Knits and the History of Knitting, a 90 minute presentation of the Viking Knits Project along with highlights from the origin of various knitting techniques and materials as well as some glimpses of Viking history that she has encountered in her research. An extensive collection of photos and drawings accompanies the speech.

Class - Basic Viking Knits

Discover the wonderful world of Viking cables, a 1000-year-old treasure of patterns re-discovered in a new technique. Join Elsebeth as she focuses on the technical aspects of knitting Viking Patterns. Learn how to cable without a cable needle. Analyze a simple Viking Interlace ornament. This class aims to give you confidence in reading charts, knitting Viking (and other) cable patterns, and get you started on the road to creating your own variations. Students should know how to do basic cabling.

“The main difference between regular cables and Viking Cables is that in regular cables you have ribbons that start at the bottom, intertwine on the way up towards the top and end there. The Viking Cables are made possible by a special technique of increases and decreases (very easy once you have learned it) that allows the ribbons to turn back and tie knots on themselves on the way towards the top, or even create isolated motifs on a reverse stockinette background.” This extends the range of possible cable patterns immensely. And it’s easy!

Price Includes: Yarn and “CityScapes” book. Lunch will be provided.
The student should bring size 8 needles. A couple of double pointed needles, a darning or tapestry needle and a cable needle. Graph paper, pencil and eraser may be needed. There's no homework for this class.

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