Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's cold. About 16 degrees today. And my boiler broke last night in a torrent of water that came through my diningroom ceiling. The temperature in my house is 55 degrees and dropping. Hopefully, the plumber will be coming soon.

I'm wearing my hat. I had a few to choose from. I have one that is super warm--a fairisle design in Baby Alpaca Grande from Plymouth. It is yummy, but doesn't seem like an indoor hat--no matter how cold it is in my livingroom! I chose a ribbed hat in three colors made from Merino 2000. The pattern is in Hip to Knit and I think I made six of them one year. Here it is

And this has me thinking about hats. How essential they are. How a good hat can make all the difference. When I put a handknit hat on my daughter's head, I feel I am protecting her. Keeping her safe.

On Superbowl Sunday, my children and I snuggled together on the same chair where I await my plumber in shining armor. We watched the football, but more importantly, we worked on our knitting. Here we are knitting during the superbowl:

Julie, the little one, is working on a blanket for her imaginary chipmunk who lives on her shoulder. She cast off at bedtime and slept with her little swatch on her shoulder. It was her first completed piece. Lydia is starting a hat for herself which I will work on later today. When she wears it, she will have the satisfaction of knowing that we knit it together. I am working on a hat for Julie. I finished it during the post game show. Here it is:

It is made from Bingo. A simple roll hat with stripes in reverse stockinette.

And as I wait, shivering, for the plumber who said he would be here a half hour ago, I am secure in the knowledge that Julie's head is warm. Now, I have to go finish Lydia's hat.

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Martha said...

Miz S.

Hope your plumber showed up & fixed things so you all had a toasty, dry house again.

How sweet to see the photos of your beautiful babies. Love that squirrel on the shoulder. Love that they both are knitting.

Can't believe that I took my 1st knitting class w/ you when your older one was a baby. Wow.