Thursday, February 5, 2009

Critical Mass- The First Step in Getting Organized

There has been a lot of talk around the shop lately about getting organized. I really assumed we were talking about how we could help everyone else get organized. I never considered the possibility that maybe I was in need of some organizational therapy myself. Well, I was sorely mistaken.

It all became very clear last weekend as I sat snuggled deep in the arms of my big green chair knitting a tiny little baby sweater for the shop. I was at the point in my project where I needed to take a measurement and reached into my tool case for a tape measure. That's when it hit me. My tool case had reached the point of critical mass. I could no longer find anything that I needed and everything seemed to be connected somehow as if all my knitting notions had morphed into one. I could see the tape measure but getting to it was not going to be easy.

Then I remembered all that talk around the shop about getting organized and I did it! I dumped out the case holding all my knitting notions and started sorting. There were 19 crochet hooks, 25 stitch holders and a half dozen cable needles just to name a few things taking up an awful lot of space in my tiny knitting case. I even had a small gadget bag inside my knitting case. Why was I carrying every knitting gadget that I owned for a project that only needed a stitch holder and a measuring tape? And how horrible would I feel having to replace all of my gadgets if I were to misplace this one project bag? It was time to consolidate.

Well a good ten minutes later I was completely organized. Now I have a central location for all my knitting notions and carry only what I need in my project bag. I'm not sure how long this will last but it was well worth the small amount of time that it took to organize my notions.

Here's an old eyeglass case that now hold all my crochet hooks.....
And another with all my many markers....
My little black case holds all my notions and now I just have a zipper case that travels with my project bag. 


Susanne said...

I'd love to hear some ideas about how to store/organize my needles without having to buy bunches of expensive cases. I love the handmade rolling cases, but it's just not cost-effective to try to store my entire inventory in them. Yet, chucking everything in tupperware-like boxes doesn't really help either. I spent 3 hours last night completely organizing my yarn into clear, plastic tubs. I frogged projects that have been sitting idle for months and rewound unraveling skeins. My notions are all neatly stored in a Snapware container. Now onto the needles!

Jenny said...

Great way to use an eye glass case! I have a collection of unused eye glass cases. For some unknown reason I have been loath to get rid of them.