Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What a party!

September always seems like the beginning of the year to me. After the slower pace of summer, the renewed energy is a welcome change. Coupled with the drop in temperature we’re ready to pick up our needles and yarn and get back to work on projects.

And in the case of the Tangled Web, it’s time to celebrate our move to bigger digs. The official opening was September 20 and what a day! The shop looked great -- bright and airy, fully stocked with yarn. Coming to work that day reminded me of being a third grader preparing for the school play. Excited, nervous, ready to go, scared to get started. Would people really come? Would they like the store? Would they appreciate all the the hard work and hours the entire staff had put into making this new site a real beauty.

We needn’t have worried. People poured into the store. Everyone seemed happy to be there; happy to join in the specialness of the day. What a great mix of food, drink and great yarn. People were happy to participate in the afternoon’s festivities. People showed up with babies in tow, children. Even husbands seemed happy to be there. Several people wore clothing they knit. A big hit were our stylish black t-shirts. (On sale by the way).

The day was very long and yet, over too soon. All the staff -- Anne, Diana, Cheryl, Stacey, Deb and me, colleague Carole was out of town -- made two things are priorities. Making sure that everyone who came in felt welcomed and happy was the first order of the day. The second was to make sure that our boss, Mary, was relieved of responsibility for the day. We wanted her to enjoy the day and the fruits of all her labor. We all appreciate her vision for the new store and her energy in making that vision a reality. I think it is safe to say that we were all proud to be a part of the day and even more to be part of the Tangled Web crew. It is a privilege and a responsibility to make the Web a real destination for needlesmiths. At day’s end we gathered to get ready to close, tears in our eyes.

“Great job, everyone,” Mary said. “Thank you.”

“And thank you for the Web,” said Deb.

We all felt the same way and we hope all our knitters and crocheters feel the same sense of community and camaraderie.

Come check us out. You’ll see what we mean

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