Thursday, September 25, 2008

Many Many Thank You's

The last five months have been incredibly challenging but I think we are finally settled in our new home. They (whoever they are) say that moving is one of the most stressful situations to be in and they (whoever they are) are very wise indeed. All of us here at the Web have had our ups and downs over the last five months. Nothing went as it should. Phones didn't work. Lights didn't work. There was water in the basement. The internet was on then the internet was off. Where are the pens? Have you seen the crochet hooks? What special order? There were a lot of tears and a lot of take out. But somehow we got through it and it was all worth it.

For me it was a very humbling experience. I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of my friends, my staff and all of you. I have so many people to thank that the list of names would eventually bore you into leaving the blog and then you would not get to see all the great pictures from the party. So I will be brief. I would like to thank my husband Chris who put in many, many hours doing construction and remodeling. He made my vision come to life. My girls, Liv and Lauren who I watched carry shelf after shelf from one location to the next and were happy to help. The dear, dear women that I work with, side by side, every day for their endurance and tolerance. Anne, Lucia, Diana, Carole, Stacey, Cheryl and Debbie you know how I feel about you. My sister, Peggy, who flew up from Texas during her summer break to help me get organized. My old friend, Joanna, and my new friends, Susan and Catherine, who helped me put together the best party the hill as seen in quite some time. I tip my hat. And to all of you who lent your support and encouragement and forgave all of our short comings during this trying and difficult and exciting time. I can never thank you enough.

Now to the pictures


Lisa said...

So THAT's the famous skirt you ladies told me about. I'm so sorry to have missed it in person. Gorgeous.

Ditto all for the party. Looks like quite a bash.

Martha said...

Wowie zowie,

What a great & wonderful party!
What a fabulous group of folks who put on this party!
What a terrific grand opening for Philly's very best LYS!

Thank you for all the photos - we can all see how much fun everyone was having.

Congratulations to you all,