Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One of our own makes good

I can remember the first time Ariana Parenti came to my shop with her mom. She was seven years old and her mom, Dale, had just learned how to knit. Well, Ariana is now a soon to be senior art major at Yale University. She is currently participating in a summer internship program with an organization called StudioWorks in Louisville, Kentucky.

Studio works is a charitable organization that helps adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities experience a sense of belonging to community through the arts.

While Ariana's main focus has been helping the artists prepare for the Kentucky State Fair, she has also been teaching them how to knit. It is great to see someone passing on the art of knitting to others and I can only hope that The Tangled Web played some small part in Ariana's interest and enthusiasm for the fiber arts.

To learn more about StudioWorks check out their blog at:http://studio633.wordpress.com/

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Dale said...

Mary, Ariana has become a fabulous knitter and it's in large part due to the encouragement and guidance that she received at the The Tangled Web over the years. She's very creative and applies her own ideas to every project. It makes my jaw drop sometimes to see the things she invents!
She learned a lot from the students at the StudioWorks program in Louisville. Many of the students picked up knitting very quickly because they have a talent for math and repetitive activities.
She's back at school now where she is the founder and president of the highly successful and very popular Yale knitting club.
Thanks for featuring her in your blog!