Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I've Been "Dyeing" To Show You This!

On Saturday I taught one of the most fun classes I've ever taught in 7 years of instruction. It was Dyeing Your Own Yarn. Armed with a skein of sock yarn and Wilton Cake Icing Dye, my four wonderful and intrepid students got to work.

Here we have Marina, Maggie, MaryAnn and Peggy hand-painting their yarn:





Marina and Maggie working hard:

Their beautiful skeins, in skeins-y form::

And here is the finished yarn, ready to be knit into some snazzy socks.
Left to right we have: Peggy's gorgeous Stained Glass Fantasy, MaryAnn's delicate Rose In Bloom, Maggie's patriotic Fourth of July Special, and Marina's summery Festive Fruit Salad. [I made up the names, don't blame the ladies!]

Ladies, you need to bring your socks in for show-and-tell!

We'll be offering Dye Your Own Yarn again early in the fall - I highly recommend taking it. We had a blast!

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Maggie G said...

It was such a fun class -- I HIGHLY recommend to others. I'm looking forward to trying out the technique with my 6 year old later this summer as I think he'll have a blast with it. Thanks so much. I'm eager to get over to the store and pick up my yarn and start knitting my "patriotic socks".

Given the date today they won't be finished by the 4th, but the colors will work well for Bastille Day...Labor Day...Guy Fawkes Day... Election Day...Veterans' Day... MLK Jr. Day... Presidents' Day...Opening Day of Baseball Season...Memorial Day...Flag Day...
hmm -- come to think of it, I better knit those socks up with some reinforcing thread!

I'll be sure to share them when they're done!