Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Christmas '09 Starts January 1

You know how some Christmas' leave you feeling like you could have done more. Every couple of years I seem to have an off year. Too little time, too little money and too many obligations leave too little time for knitting. Well, 2008 was a really off year. There were no hand knitted items under the tree, in the stockings or mailed to distant relatives. I didn't knit for my family, my staff, my hair stylist or my mailman. I lacked motivation, time and enthusiasm.

That all changed the minute Christmas '08 was over. I'm talking December 25th around 6:00 p.m., as I finished drying the last dish, the words "if I only had more time..." were replaced with "I've got twelve months...". I was suddenly filled with the desire to start knitting and I knew just where I would start. My old standby the Mohair Mitten. I had a class coming up and thought it would be great fun to pound out a pair, as a review, before the class. As it turns out, I was well into my second pair before the date of my class and have yarn set aside for at least one more pair.

I have decided to knit only things that I want to knit and with no one in mind to receive them. No pressure...My Goal is to have fun and possibly have a less stressful holiday season next year.

I have a few ideas up my sleeve for some other projects that I would like to do and I will be sharing them and my progress with you through out the coming year.

Happy Knitting
What I really need now is a snow day.


Martha said...

Sweet Mary,

Thank you for sharing your inspiration w/ us. I nodded in agreement as I read your post.

Like you, I had no single finished knitted item for anyone including my beloved sweetie. That's just wrong, I tell you.

I'm changing my thinking due to you - way to go, Mary.


JamarP said...

I'm inspired thanks to you, Mary. Although I have mixed feelings about giving my handknits as gifts, I now have to rethink. Maybe receiving a handknit isn't such a burden after all? Perhaps I'll start with the fetching cowl pattern that Tangled Web is offering.