Sunday, November 16, 2008

Home Again

Lucia Herndon Horning

I can breathe again. My sweater is back.
As you might recall from last month's post, I lost the argyle vest that was supposed to be a present for my husband on his Nov. 18 birthday. But I lost the bag that contained my work. I thought I left it at a treatment facility where I volunteer, but no one there had reported seeing it.
I spent an awful weekend trying to decide what to do. i started knitting the back which was just plain, figuring I wouldn't lose time if I truly had lost the front piece. But my heart wasn't into the easy knitting. I felt an ache in my heart over my lost knitting. Like losing your dog. I kept looking in my knitting bag, hoping it would magically appear. Of course, it didn't.
At 7:20 on Monday morning the phone rang. I was still asleep. It was the director of the treatment center. She had found my vest.
Turned out the vest was discovered shortly after I left that Friday; but it was turned over to a weekend staffer and not a knitter. She simply stashed it away without telling anyone about it. But the director was determined to track it down and she found it and called right away.
The vest is back and I am nearly finished; probably won't be in time for my husband's birthday. But I am reassured that I hadn't lost my mind.
And I am grateful to all those who heard this story and shared my panic. I'm back to just misplacing my keys, grocery list, money and hundreds of other things. Normality feels so good

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