Friday, March 28, 2008

Check Out Our New Digs!!

As you may or may not have heard, later this spring we're moving down the street to a bigger and better space! More room, more parking, two dedicated spaces for indoor and outdoor lounges where you can relax forEVER and hang out and knit as long as you like. We thought you'd like to follow our progress as construction moves forward. Here are some "before" photos:

Look at all that glorious space! Now imagine it stuffed with glorious yarn!

The Kitchen (where delicious treats to keep up your knitting energy will be whipped up?? Or maybe just a place to store all that Knit-Along and Knit-In wine!)

The Al Fresco Knitting Lounge!

The Upstairs Lounge!

We'll keep you posted as construction progresses. We're thrilled about our new space and can't wait to move in. By the way, rest assured that all of our classes, Knit-Alongs, and Knit-Ins will continue without interruption.


Madeleine said...

I'm new to Chestnut Hill (moved to Philly in December) and just found your web site. Great!

Where are you moving to and when do you expect the move to be finished? Can't wait to stop in and see your store "in real life" (as opposed to just on the web)

JamarP said...

I recently returned from Portland OR where I visited two fab yarn shops - both of which had plenty of room for knitters to knit, and eating/drinking opportunitites. Now I get home and find that you are doing the same. I think it's great that you are striving to improve an already terrific shop. You go girls!!!

Lisa said...

Wow. YAY. It looks amazing. Not as if the current location was anything short of awesome too, but a DECK? Nice.

webhill said...

So you're staying on Germantown? Are you moving uphill?? I'm trying to imagine where there's a space such as you describe....